Brenda from Oklahoma said her baby 'ZIVA' enjoys playing & hiding in the Christmas paper! Ziva is very affectionate, loves sitting in their laps & has to be wherever they are in the house.WOW! Look at Ziva's Gold Glitter absolutely beautiful! Thanks Brenda

Sue from Denton had this to say about her baby "COSMO" I don't think he knows if he is a cat or dog? He loves his cat-wheel and of course playing with the dogs. We just love him so much! Thanks Sue

This is what Shelby from Arkansas had to say about her baby "TIGER LILLY" She loves her cat-wheel! This is a preview of Tiger Lilly's first run on the cat-wheel...She and her new family member "LUNA" get along perfectly!!!

Lanna says that this Beautiful Boy "WINSTON" was a Huge hit with the Vet Staff! Thanks Lanna

Hello my name is Hank!

Covi's Family says he loves to play outside! Look how much he looks like his Dad "Dallas"