Sorry we are NO longer breeding. We are rehoming "Dallas,Joleen & DeltaDawn" Please give us a call if you are interested. Thanks!

King Dallas Texas

 Dallas is the most Awesome Stud produced out of a 30 year Breeding project! He is super Loving to his Queens. He has the most pronounced markings! He is what we consider a "Sparble" We love his unique caramel color. He Loves water. He also loves grass, so I grow him a mixture of oats, wheat, rye & barley. Yes they are spoiled! He gets his exercise on the every cat should have one Cat-Wheel they are Amazing for keeping your cat entertained & fit at the same time! 


 Joleen has a rich dark velvety gold glittered coat! I call her my fluff girl. She has a super sweet & playful personality... She is a very Loving lapcat and has an amazingly loud purr motor...She also enjoys playing in the water! Excited to have this beauty!


IMG_0060 (2)_edited.jpg

 DeltaDawn has lot's of SPOTS Gold Glitter & Puffy whisker pads that make you want to squeeze her lil cheeks! Her structure is spot on. She loves water and riding the cat-wheel. She is also a very precise fetcher! I do have to say she is a momma's girl lap-cat. She also loves to watch television, and chase mosquito hawks. We are SUPER proud to have this amazingly beautiful queen.