King Dallas and Queen Delilah

All Of Our Bengals Are Cared For By A Veterinarian


All Of Our Bengals Are Raised With Loving Hands


Your Very Best Friends Will Put A Smile On Your Face



We are a small in-home hobby Bengal Cattery. We are a responsible breeder registered with The International Cat Association better known as (TICA). The Bengal Breed is one of the most EXOTIC breed of cats! These amazing Bengals are produced from over 30 years of superior breeding and they definitely show it & so do their cubs! We are very proud to say that we have 2 International World Supreme Grand Champions and approximately 14 Regional World Supreme Grand Champions within our Bengal bloodline. When you purchase one of our stunning Bengals you are getting one of the Best available! They are ancestors of the Asian Leopard Cat also known as the fishing or water cat. We believe our Bengals are therapeutic. They will definitely enhance you and your loved ones lives. Their coats/pelts are velvety soft and full of pronounced gold glittering spotting & marbling. They are very curious, energetic & extremely intelligent! King Dallas is our water boy. Queen Delta Dawn is very affectionate. Joleen is super playful. They enjoy riding on their Cat-Wheel. We believe our cat-wheel to be the best money spent! A cat tree is a must also as Bengals love to be perched up high. Our ultimate goal is to provide Quality Bengals to all who would want to be a part of this spectacular breed of cat! 

We Love Our bengals and What We Do!